Healthy   by Minty LaVender

Do you want to improve your lifestyle, to regain control over your life, your food, your health? A journey of a thousand miles start with the first step, change one
cleaning product, one food or beauty product, it is all it takes. Once you start, it becomes your new way of thinking and soon you will head for a cleaner life.


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The purpose of Minty Laventer.

This site is a collection of vital informations for who wants to improve its life . Our world is so focused on materallistic values that it forgot to make human beings a priority, our health and well being are second to all other materiallistic values. It is left to us to educate ourselves in order to nurture our lives and bodies with physical and spiritual  nutrients. In those pages you will find a wide range of tips to improve every aspects of your life.

For a squeaky clean life 

Healthy body

It is a long journey to change all our bad habits and educate ourselves in order to enjoy our body's full potential. Learning to enjoy food the way it was intended to be grown and prepared is a long process.   

Healthy mind

Body and mind are intrinsically linked, a healthy mind will for sure keep your body in optimum shape. Learning how to avoid stress, the poison of our modern lives.

Healthy home

Our environment is our home, our nest, We are part of it as much as it is part of us. One cannot care for itself without caring for the planet. how to keep your home clean while respecting our planet.